Thursday, February 10, 2011

100th post

To commemorate 100 posts I would like to go back and highlight some of my favorite posts/milestones. I hope this isn't boring, but somewhat fun or nostalgic, or at least something you'll read through. :)

My very first post, explaining my title: perpendicular pillows - really the reason I began this blog, because I thought I had a killer title!

Some inspiration from scripture: something I desire to return to in my posts. My subheading says I am on a journey towards becoming more disciplined and humble, yet I do not focus on that much in my life...which is reflected in my blogging - help keep me accountable!

I wrote this in awe over God's goodness in so many new lives being 'on their way' in 2009, including our sweet little miss, who we were still keeping a secret :)

Her announcement!

Two of my best gals, Kim and Brittany, showered Joel, baby, and me in April - thank you ladies! It is such a joy to share motherhood with Brittany, who gave birth to Bailey just 4 days after Mylin's arrival! I am also thrilled beyond belief that Kim will join the mommy club come August :)

Pregnant 2nd anniversary in Brown County with the love of my life :) I can't believe how much we love each other made us a sweet baby girl - we are truly blessed!

I mowed one week before Mylin was born. I felt like a total superwoman! Cut to me napping for the remainder of the afternoon that Friday, and then having contractions all night long on the following Sunday (Father's day!)...may or may not be related to my exercise craziness...Anywho, my whole rationale behind mowing so much while big pregnant was that I could easily stop, go inside to pee, or stop because I was too tired. If I went on a walk on the greenway I had to pray that I made it to the port-a-pot a mile and a half from our house (ew.) or that I could survive coming back home (its slightly uphill) without giving birth.

Mylin Hadassah's arrival on June 25th, 2010. Praise be to God!

The first time all 18 Merkle's were together :)

My crazy summer in numbers that reminds me even though I felt like a slug as a third trimester preggo and new mom, I did manage to get some stuff done! And since then?! I have TOTALLY gotten addicted to making babyfood :)

Realizing I want to become more focused and begin simplifying my life. Reminds me I haven't updated my progress in awhile...

Mylin's first Christmas decorating, celebrating, and making memories

Where we are headed this year (at least we think)

I hope you enjoyed this flashback into the last 18 months of The Draper's
Stay tuned!

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  1. I love this! Congrats on your 100th post! You have been full of encouragement, humor and overall joy! I look forward to reading your next 100 posts.