Thursday, February 17, 2011

my sweet valentine's :)

This Valentine's day I was surprised to find out my husband's work trip was cancelled, so we were able to spend (part of) the day together!

This was our fun 'love' lunch
And my sweetest Valentine's
(yes, Mylin has hearts on her headband, shirt, pants, and even socks!!!)
Then dinner rolls around and Joel brings home a surprise! This specialty made pizza from our favorite diner, Tyeger's (spinach, oyster crackers, garlic sauce, shrimp, scallps, lobster tail, snow crab, and salmon. YUM.)
They even made complimentary cannolli's :)
This was all set up to surprise me while spending the eve alone because Joel was on a trip, but since he was home we got to enjoy it together - even better!!!


  1. Take away the scallops....and it sounds DELISH!! I am so glad you were able to spend the evening together!