Sunday, January 2, 2011

Draper's 12 days of Christmas

12 games played (rage, rook, settlers of catan, quiddler, scrabble slam, euchre, blokus, mental block, wits and wagers, apples to apples, phase 10 twist, wii tennis)
11 days off work for Joel
10 new toys for Mylin (including a sweet rider/walker dinosaur and 2 sing-a-ma-jigs. have you guys seen these toys yet?! they rule!!!!!!!!)
9 siblings to laugh, talk, eat, snack, and play games with
8 nieces/nephews/cousins to enjoy (7 Merkles/ 1 Draper)
7 rooms reorganized
6 days of someone else's homemade cooking!!!
5 times waking up daddy the night mommy had the flu
4 Christmas "mornings"
3 new books to read!
2 new solid foods for Mylin (homemade squash and carrots!)
1 little tooth in Mylin's mouth!

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