Tuesday, September 29, 2009

too much macarena

we did it.
we broke out the 'leadsinger' karaoke!!!
1. heard it through the grapevine - marvin gaye
2. check on it - beyonce
3. love shack - B52s
4. macarena - um. the spanish people del rio or something
5. lullaby - something mullins

this is hilarious. please - all of you come over and join us!

the husband

he's fantastic. i came home to a lovely, sweet smokey-smell fire in our fireplace. not to mention he's been wonderful for the last 72 hours - nonstop wonderful. i could live with this. i love him and i love marriage! Thank you God for Your blessings that overflow :)

(i just had to gloat)

Monday, September 28, 2009

my mom said i'm a quarter of a century...

so...i'm 25.
the drivers licence update was, of course, a silly process - i tried to do the closed mouth smile, got confused about when the picture was going to be taken and now have a half-smile/smirk expression that is stupid. yay - can't wait until 31 to update that picture!

also - i had a swarm of fruit flies in my car (for about a month) due to a 2-3 month old banana peel in my car trash. it was nasty and finally threw it out - the fruit flies magically have disappeared

back to birthday. joel is so amazing...there are many reasons, i won't list them all, but i love him! he made the day so special and focused on me - it was paradise! (he does this normally anyways, but because i was in the majestic birthday mood - he gets extra points!) guess what he got me?! GET READY FOR A PARTY LADIES - a kareoke set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need two back up singers please. i can't wait to try it out tonight! (hopefully, i get home from class around 9:15)
we also went to see 'love happens' - i won't spoil it - but will give a review: it is not so much of a romantic comedy as it leads on - joel and i were the 2 out of 10 people in the theater not weeping through the last third of the movie...as a therapist and a caring/loving person, i recommend it! probably not a date movie...but maybe, depends on what your date is like or likes...

the weather is crazy here today! our front door keeps blowing open from the wind!

Friday, September 25, 2009


i'm sure every blogger has this topic at some time or another... i know you guys know me - but maybe you'll learn something new!
these are my favorites today:
1. rainy days - i have loved these forever...i am especially loving this rainy week - for whatever reason they make me feel so cozy and loving and secure
2. the mark of the lion series by francine rivers - these books taught me a lot about how to be a woman after God's own heart - if you haven't read them, it is well worth your time :)
3. playing settlers of catan online - i have recently been addicted to this and previously played it every single day for a few weeks...the site i played on recently went down and my brothers are trying to get me to play on this dutch site...its hard. i have to put everything into an online translator!
4. moscato and framboise - these special spirits are classy and i enjoy them on special occasions - i hope i have or will share a glass someday with all of the classy ladies that read this :)
5. watching intervention on a&e - this show encourages me in my aspiring profession - there are so many people hurting...or should i say we are all hurting in different ways and could all use a dose of 'i love you's' from our families and friends and encouragement to change for the better (if you don't get a&e, search for intervention online or at your local library!)
6. http://www.pandora.com/ - for a gal who likes music that is on no public radio - this is heaven sent! i am currently really into my hymn station - it literally lowers my blood pressure (and joel named it 'hymntastic') i also listen weekly to my grey's anatomy station...
7. http://www.postsecret.com/ - insert my reasons for liking this from #5
8. nightgowns - i remember loving these from about age 3-7 - but now that i am married and received many from bridal showers, i have a new love for them - they are flattering at any weight (and any time of the month!) and make me feel sexy even when i'm alone!
9. exercising with eme - eme is my own visual accountability partner for exercising, not to mention a bodyguard in wee morning darkness hours and a motivator to keep going! one of the million reasons i am so thankful for her!
10. cuddling - i need this daily - preferably joel...but always with eme and on special occasions any of our six (and counting!) nieces and nephews - also included in cuddling must be whispering and giggling/smiling

what are a few of your favorite things?!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

its tough being a woman

i am a part of a wonderful group of women. we meet every thursday morning to fellowship together over the word of God. our recent Bible study is a beth moore study of esther. i HIGHLY recommend it! the tag line is 'it's tough being a woman'. if you know anything about the story of esther in the book of esther in the Bible, you can understand how this is an appropriate subtitle. i was so moved by today's session that i wanted to share it.

our topic was 'mean girls'. i will give you a sentence overview of points she made today and scripture that convicted me. i hope this brings you all insight as well.
it's tough being a woman in a mean world
meanness always has a history
there is nothing meaner than a coward
meanness perceives a threat
- 2 corinthians 10:12
- identify the threat
insecurity is as the heart of every rivalry
- who is our rival? and why?
- how much energy am i wasting on it?
meanness catches like a a virus
coming in contact with a mean girl raises up your own mean girl
meanness is curable
- romans 12:17-21
you be nice, you do not serve her or bow down to her, you love her

this may be an overwhelming and packed blog/message - i intend to meditate on it and remind myself of these scriptures frequently as i am working through my own issues in life with woman-woman relationships

these video sessions are available for (a NOT free) download at www.lifeway.com/women

i thought i would not have anything to share or wouldn't know what to share...but i'm already keeping a list of future posts...telling about our sweet pup Eme, describing our families, advocating for pandora online radio, and so much more...tune in again soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

explaining my title

a couple weeks ago while laying in bed with joel, i told him that if i ever started a blog i would name it 'perpendicular pillows'. well that comment got my mind wondering if i really did want to enter this exciting and confusing world of blogging. i have a few close friends that blog - and i love following them on their artistic and literary journeys. one of them began begging me to start this as i shared with her my idea - so here it is!

i guess i should explain my title of perpendicular pillows. in the warm brown and champagne colored bed i share with my husband, we have recently become aware of the phenomena of our pillow placements. joel sleeps with his pillow horizontally - like a normal person. and for some reason mine is vertical - like a random person. this realization holds so much truth and information about joel and i as individuals and as husband and wife. thanks for joining me as i honestly explain my life :)