Monday, February 14, 2011

reasons to have another chocolate chip cookie

Do you like cookies as much as me?

A few weeks ago I had eaten FIVE chocolate chip cookies before I really had realized what was going on...oops.
I like to think I try to eat a cookie a day, but it doesn't always happen
Recently I baked chocolate chip cookies using this recipe and was trying to rationalize reasons to continue having just one more
1. this one is so small, i don't want it to feel sad in the container with all the big ones
2. this one is so big, it takes up too much room and makes the other cookies jealous
3. I have to eat one more to make my total an even number
4 I have to eat one more to make my total an odd number
5. I'm walking through the kitchen and already getting a glass of milk, i might as well eat a cookie...
6. its Monday, we all need one more cookie
7. its Friday/Saturday/Sunday/the weekend - we don't have to count these calories!
8. they are fresh from the oven...nothing like a warm cookie!
9. if you're going to have a cookie, I don't want you to be lonely, so I'll eat one (or two) with you!
10. oh look, that one's broken :(
11. oh look, that one's broken too!!!
12. it's VALENTINE'S DAY!!! we get to have as much sugar as we want!

I know that when Mylin is old enough to have cookies, I will never deny her one more, because I totally want to eat one more too!


  1. I love it!!

    What about: this on doesn't look like it has enough chocolate chips. I wouldn't want to serve that.

  2. Or: I can't serve a cookie that is "almost" to done around the edges. What would that say about my baking abilities??

  3. merkle556@comcast.netFebruary 14, 2011 at 9:10 PM

    #1 - Is mom looking?
    #2 - I think my brother just walked past here...I better get one.
    #3 - Geez, dinner isn't ready yet...
    #4 - Gotta make room in this container for tomorrow morning's donuts.
    #5 - Um, I didn't realize there were snickerdoodles underneath the chocolate chip cookies!
    #6 - Since the neighbor is selling Girl Scout cookies, I better get rid of these so Mom thinks we need more cookies.
    #7/8 - I found an almost-empty container of frosting in the fridge just now...better not let that go to waste! 2-for-1!
    #9 - Well, at this point, who cares?!?
    #10/11 - Yes, little can have one...(hmmm, it just isn't fair)
    #12 - Wait, peanut butter cookies, too??? How deep is this container? (TY, Tupperware!)
    #13 - (mini-barf)...I don't remember how this started, but all I can do at this point is commit...I need a glass of milk...