Monday, February 7, 2011

No fast food in February

My sister-in-law Jill who guest posted for me earlier this month, just did a challenge with her family for no sugar in January (imagine that with 2 preschoolers and 2 toddlers!)
After reading her post (sorry no link here, her blog is private) Joel and I decided to do a food challenge of our own: NO FAST FOOD IN FEBRUARY!

Disclaimer: we totally had Burger King on groundhog's day and then that night decided on this challenge :)

So what this means for us is that we don't go through the drive through or order out pizza.
We have really cut back on our drive through eating and do it usually only when traveling and didn't plan enough ahead of time to pack a car meal, or if I am really lazy and bossy and don't want to make dinner because I want a greasey cheeseburger so bad

The hard part will be the no pizza...
We eat pizza maybe 3ish times a month, our favorite being to frequent the local parlor, Tyeger's
So since their special in March is the reuben and that's my favorite...I decided we'll just do the remainder of February the no fast food month so I don't miss out on it!
I will also be suffering for 5 long days while Joel is on his longest business trip to Mexico, during which I always treat myself to Pizza King's barbeque ham pizza and breadsticks
Wow, maybe we do eat out a lot.

However, this challenge will not include a date night (or two) that we take this month, because
1. we go to a restaurant and the food is not 'fast'
2. we do love to go out to eat and try new food and that is something fun we can treat ourselves too during our much needed reconnection time!!!

Help keep us accountable by sending me a simple recipe to try this month!
rachel_merkle (the at symbol) yahoo (dot) com (i just saw another blogger type her email in this way in attempt to prevent spam mail)
Anyone want to join us on this challenge?!


  1. Good for you! Now, what will you do with the $$ you save? I've been reading/talking about healthier eating lately so we are making small changes along the way.

  2. I love their bbq pepperoni at pizza king...and of course their breadsticks, yum!
    Art and I got some large boxes from East of Chicago and I am planning on making a couple of pizzas a month ahead of time and freezing them in the boxes, then just cooking them when we want them - that will satisfiy my pizza cravings!! :)
    Sounds like a great challenge!