Monday, February 28, 2011

little miss lately...

The best of friends Our little monkey: she likes to climb quickly out of this when we are not looking, and then sit in front of it to play with the knobs :) We caught her!
Another new trick - rolling completely across the living room - this was the first time she managed to duck her head enough to shimmy under the coffee table - this spurred Joel's excitement about upcoming fort adventures!!!
And lastly - our evening failsafe. When we can't get her to be happy until bedtime by any efforts, this one always works!
And though I don't have a video to post (because for some reason my videos never load on here...) Mylin began 'crawling' last Saturday! She was army crawling for a few days, then added her left knee into the movement mix, and then last night.....both arms and both legs were going for several 'steps'!!! I can't believe how fast it has progressed! Baby-proofing has sort of begun but now will be ramped up!