Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mondays are the best (week)days

mondays are my new favorite day, well, at least favorite week day
on monday i have nothing on my agenda. ever.
this means i get to do my FAVORITE things:
1. not put product in my hair or wear make up (or get out of my pajamas if we're being honest...)
2. fix breakfast for joel (if i'm not enjoying my sleeping in morning...)
3. get play dates with my girlfriends and their babies/kids
4. cook and bake! (this past monday i made chili, corn potato chowder, tater tot casserole, potato baby food, and chicken&potato baby food)
5. enjoy the lunch hour with my hub :)
6. read or watch a movie while mylin naps

but the best part?! i spend the entire day with the sweetest 7 month old little miss :)

what do you love (or hate) about mondays?!


  1. I love to work on Mondays because I take Sunday to totally relax that I have the most energy to get the most accomplished. I liked it better when I could be home on Mondays to clean and have an organized house but now I have to do that on Tuesdays with my current schedule. I can hit Monday and Tuesday pretty hard and then I'm ready for a break on Wed. :)

  2. I love staying home all day on Monday.

  3. I love which ever day I have totally off!! Like Tuesday this week because of the snow :)