Friday, February 4, 2011

winter day in

On Wednesday we all had the luxury of a mid-week weekend!
That is a day I usually intern at BHS and they were closed
Franklin Electric even sent everyone home early on Tuesday and closed on Wednesday!
So on our day off, at home together, we:
1. slept in until Mylin said it was time to get up!
2. stayed in our jammies all day
3. (Rachel) got caught up on homework
4. (Joel) did our taxes!!! Good job honey!
5. got Burger King for supper (cut to Joel being stuck in the alley trying to drive there and him not coming back for 30 more minutes because BK was understaffed due to weather!)
6. watched Seven Pounds after Mylin went to bed

It was relaxing and productive - the best kind of days off!

What did you do during your winter day in?!

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  1. What did you think of Seven Pounds? I thought it was a heavy movie. I was going to blog about our wintery vacation as well. I even took pictures but haven't uploaded them yet.