Friday, September 30, 2011

too many books...

So right now I'm reading too many books

Boundaries for MomLife

Give Them Grace (a parenting book) for myself

The Help for a book club I just joined

Permission to Speak Freely (a Christian version of PostSecret)

Sun Stand Still for a church wide small group study

What books are you reading right now?!
Do you ever read more than one at once?! How do you manage that?!


  1. Yes because now my library has free inter-library loans so when I see a title I get online to "order" it from the library. I have learned the art of speed reading or skim reading. Some books I can tell that I want to read every word while others I will skim in an hour and get a few things from. I never use to do this but you can get through so many more books like this. I've got some that I've started but have put down for awhile that I'll pick up when I can. I probably have about 4 or 5 like that.

  2. I am horrible at reading multiple books at once.....some books I use as a studying/prayer aid (power of a praying...series). I have such little time to read that I usually end up starting over multiple times only to put it back on the shelf (and inevitably grab another I haven't "tried" reading in a while). I did start and finish a book a while back.....only because it was yours and I wanted to get it back to you....haha. But, right now I am reading Shepherding a Child's Heart very diligently. So I think I have discovered I am a one book at a time gal. Probably a better way to go given my failure rate. :)