Friday, September 16, 2011

celebration vacation - part 2

Did you catch part 1 of our celebration vacation?

Here's how the rest of the weekend went!

We went out to eat my all-time favorite restaurant - which is more than just a meal, it is an experience
This part of our celebration vacation was a surprise!
This is my reaction :)

 First course: cheddar cheese fondue
 Second course: salads (which we scarfed down nearly entirely before I remembered to capture a picture)

 Main course: the meat and seafood! (again, this is about half of the total - we could hardly contain ourselves!)

 And the best and final course: cookies n cream fondue with cakes and fruit :)
 This is how we felt after eating for 2 hours...

 What a special treat that meal was - thanks again, honey - I love you so much!

Our last day we spent sleeping in, reading, shopping and eating on the way home at a cute mom and pop drive-in...yeah we have a habit of stuffing ourselves.

So thankful to be married to this man and get to celebrate everything in life with him!
Thank you God for your provision and blessings!

What vacation would you love to go on with your spouse?!

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  1. Food looks AMAZING!! If I could choose, I would love to venture back to Boston at some point!! That was a fun, educational and unexpected getaway!!