Wednesday, September 14, 2011

celebration vacation - part 1

The last several months have been full of celebrations for Joel and I!
In May we celebrated 3 years of marriage, my first mother's day and graduating from HU with my M.A. in counseling!
In June was Joel's first father's day too!

To celebrate all of these occasions we've been planning a trip away, just the 2 of us.
This was our first trip away from Mylin (gone for 48 hours) together and we did miss her so much! 
But we would have missed her even more if we didn't have such a blast!
Joel planned the entire trip to Dublin, OH to spend a day at a water park, a day at the zoo, and lots of eating out!
Sadly, we all know the weather was crazy cold at the beginning of the month, so we had to forego the waterpark trip and fit in some reading, a movie (Crazy, Stupid Love) shopping, and an early arrival back at home

However, we LOVED the laid back few days away and ate the best few meals we've ever had!

Wednesday night started at this place, which I've never been to before:
Mason jar drinks

 Yummy crab dip, calamari, and fire balls (pretty much spicey seafoody goodness deepfried)
 Not exactly loving me taking his picture and having to wait to dive into the scallops, mussels, and crab legs

Our fun day at the zoo walking around for 4 hours watching baby gorillas, bears, flamingos, polar bears and so much more!  The rainy/cooler/week day meant we practically had the place to ourself! SO LOVELY!

 Couldn't leave without a fun present for our Little Miss! (I'm sure I'll post a picture soon of how she wears this around her neck ALL DAY.)

Look back in a couple days for part 2!

What have you celebrated recently?!


  1. I've been waiting for this! Jeff and I were so bummed when Joe's Crab Shack closed in FW. We loved that place! Can't wait to see Mylin with a monkey on her. Don't you just love the cuteness of kids?!?

  2. Looks like so much fun, Rachel! Glad you two were able to get away together :)

  3. How fun, can't wait to see Bo Bo "hanging around." :)