Sunday, November 7, 2010


At our friend, Michael's annual Halloween party, Joel went as a white board :)
He loved getting out his old college notes and writing fractions all over it!

We didn't go trick or treating with Mylin, but did dress her up for our parents :)
(ignore Joel's serial killer wild eyes in this photo...)
This was a hand-me-down for our nieces Maddie and Cosi!

George and Kari found the funniest glasses at Dollar General and we just had to try them on our little pumpkin :)

Mylin filled out her other sweet outfit from cousin Ethan - very fitting for our little lady that we fondly refer to as pumpkin

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  1. I must have skipped this post! :( I still think about last year's post that you guys were Jim and Pam! Too funny! Although being a whiteboard...very clever ;) Mylin is adorable!!