Monday, November 8, 2010

daylight savings time

this past weekend we all got an 'extra' hour!
yay for a 'long' weekend :)

the draper family rose at 6:00 am when the littlest one decided to wake up starving
she was ready to play after that so we were all up and running several hours before church began
somehow we still managed to not have time for breakfast and had to raid the donut room at church between service and sunday school.....
(p.s. they have cinnamon vanilla creamer and i am in LOVE with it this season!)

all of the above is to point out that we probably got our extra hour of the weekend sunday morning
so what did we spend it doing?
joel and mylin sat on the couch and watched the newest channel our antenna picks up....its a very weird music video rhyme or reason to the videos they choose
want popular country music?!
got it.
how about some creepy videos from the early 90s?
got it.
and back in time to the late 70s when they first started making them?
i, however, spent my extra hour correcting a group homework paper that i spent 4 hours doing saturday night (apparently incorrectly...)

how did you spend your extra hour?!


  1. We too got up early on Sunday :) But we spend our extra hour actually eating breakfast on Sunday which we normally don't do! Usually I have smoothies ready and we grind and go! We got to have cereal and a smoothie! Yay for the extra hour!
    ps. your extra hour didn't sound like any fun :( Group work is not fun! ... :) I think you need another extra hour!

  2. I felt like my extra hour came in the evening while we were finishing the Colts game and I was snuggling with my men. The evenings feel longer to me now that it gets dark so early. Feels like we have lots of time in the evening together. :)