Monday, November 29, 2010

'bama turkey day

Traveling to Alabama for Thanksgiving in pictures...
Mylin was like Maddie's own little baby...

Joel and Mylin Rachel and Hudson (I promise that was a real book, not just blank pages...)

Maddie, Cosi, and baby Mylin

Hudson, Maddie, and Mylin

Andre (10 months) with Mylin (sadly Andre was sick the first few days so had to keep them separated - this is how it worked!)
This gal couldn't get enough of her cousin :)
Thanks 'Bama Merkles for hosting us on this holiday weekend
We love you all and can't wait to see you at Christmas!


  1. Those Merkles are SO cute. And yes, Maddie seems slightly obsessed with Mylin. Love it!

  2. They are getting so big! So glad you had a great time. Can't wait to hear more details!