Wednesday, November 24, 2010

blogging ideas


i need some future post ideas - i have been feeling tired and drained from the new mom/end of semester/holiday craze time of year...and am in need of inspiration!

what blogging topics would you like to see/read?!

(p.s. look forward to some upcoming guest bloggers from my siblings this holiday season!)


  1. let the Lord lead you. I like to blog when I feel inspired by the Lord...could be a verse I read, something I'm struggling with, a new revelation, book I'm reading, etc.

  2. Favorite books, favorite Christmas songs, how you get chores done AND take care of Mylin, fascinating snippets from schoolwork, all about Eme, throwback pictures of you and Joel, etc! And I always love recipes and reading about what people are cooking/baking/making!

  3. Just about your life: what you're learning/learned, what your baking/making, about Mylin, marriage, etc.! Anything about your wonderful life Rachel! :)