Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoo trip!

Mylin and mommy went to the zoo last week with Aunt Leslie, cousin Jace, and Aunt Roni!
We got to 'test drive' our new double stroller (a gracious gift from my brother David and his wife Jayna)
We tried to get the standard kangaroo picture....
 But Jace wanted to sit in it and Mylin wanted to stand
 And then when we took Jace out of it...
 Mylin started to cry!!!
 They did hold hands quite a bit - though it looks like I just missed the photo op...
 And when we tried for more cousin pictures
 Jace was the sitter and Mylin the stander!
 Somewhere in the African Safari Jace had enough and needed to lie down and rest - so Mylin decided to join him - they were quite a spectacle!
 They loved getting into the Choo-choo every time we walked by!

 And we ended our day with brushing some goats
 Which Little Miss Tenderheart wasn't too sure about...

It was SUCH a fantastic day with family!
The weather was cool, and no clouds in the sky - couldn't have created a better forecast for a day outside with some of the ones we love most!
Can't wait to do it again soon - hopefully with the 3rd Draper grandchild on board :)

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  1. Aww what a sweet day :D I love Mylin's little overalls :) And how cute that she and Jace would hold hands!!