Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4th Anniversary Celebration!

On Wednesday night, May 9th (our actual anniversary), we began our celebration with a hurried lunch of Mylin going to grandma's, Joel going to his parents to eat lunch, and Rachel going to a work meeting and baby appointment - Happy Anniversary! :)

When Rachel got home, she tried to take a nap while Joel mowed, but ended up talking on the phone the whole time... (Thanks, Joy!)

We then got ready and went to look at a new vehicle (post to come in future) and eat at TWFable
We went to bed early that night and slept in on Thursday morning - that was a lovely way to begin a great day!

We got up to Autum Ridge Golf Course and hit the greens by 9am

(yes his ball is still on the tee - this was a practice swing - I didn't want to distract him during his real one!)

This was something fun we haven't done since we dated
We had such a fun time riding around and golfing (Joel) and eating chocolate (Rachel)
DEFINITELY a repeat date - why have we waited years and years to do this again?!?!

This series of pictures describes a story told by Joel:

Can you tell by his posture that the awesome putt position didn't pay off?! He was bummed but we had fun taking the pictures - little did we know a couple was sitting on their deck watching the whole 'show' :)

After we had a couples massage that was ridiculously awesome...we went out to eat at Cork and Cleavers - a place neither of us had ever been to
At one point in the evening Joel flashed me a great grin that had me almost spitting water out of my nose because I noticed something in his teeth...
Thanks for re-enacting the smile for me, Handsome! :)

After a few anniversary shots by our photographer waitress - we headed to a local hotel to relax for the rest of the evening

While Rachel got ridiculously homesick for Mylin, we both survived until Friday morning when we hurried home to get her and enjoy the rest of our long weekend together!

Thank you, God, for the gift of marriage and how you have blessed us these last 4 years!!!


  1. Happy anniversary! Sometime we should go golfing all together... and by "all together" I mean Joel and Dave golf and you and I wrangle children and eat chocolate. :)

  2. You guys are so precious!! I love the stories :)