Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family outing

Since we are still anticipating Wee One's arrival (be it late or really late...) I'm going to continue scheduling some random posts...enjoy!

I love long weekends :)
We spent our 3 day Memorial weekend soaking up lots of family time!

On Saturday we went to the zoo:

Notice the 'animal' in all the pictures?!
Mylin's beloved 'mow' likes to come on our trips :)

Joel tried to teach Mylin that this statue wasn't a real reptile - but a statue (like she knows what that is...but we have to teach her somehow!)

But she was very frightened!

He somehow coaxed her on with him! (she didn't like it)

Then we turn around to start walking again and our little goofball had crawled up there herself!

The biggest attraction for her is the peacocks
She loves the noise they make and can identify it from all around the zoo!
Like a lot of attractions with toddlers, it is a love/hate relationship
She loves to say their name and ask us 'did you hear it?' when they caw, but gets nervous when their plumes are out (which we got to see a lot of that day!)

Of course, another classic Roo picture (this time no crying!!!)

And at one point in the morning she traded Daddy his hat for her sunglasses - he is such a good sport :)

After that fun morning we all crashed in the afternoon and stayed inside to avoid the heat!
All day Sunday was spent with my parents and 2 of my brother's families - braving the heat and eating lots of popsicles
All day Monday we spent with Joel's parents and sister playing games

What a great weekend and a great way to spend each day we had together!

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