Thursday, June 23, 2011

update on plans, hopes, and dreams

Remember our plans, hopes, and dreams for 2011?!
I thought since we were about 1/2 way through the year, it was time for an update!

Joel has found out where Franklin is moving to: about 35 minutes north of us in south Fort Wayne - yay for not having to sell our house and relocate! boo for the option of sharing lunches together during the week being gone :(
And this man definitely supported me as I finished my degree in May - I could not have accomplished it without his understanding, encouraging, motivating, and selfless attitude.  His support, help, and reaffirmation of using my gifts in this way made it possible for me to finish, even as a new mom!  I am blessed with God's perfect match for me.
He also celebrated his 5 year anniversary with them a couple weeks ago!  This might not mean anything to you, but for us it means an extra week of vacation each year which we are ALL looking forward to! (not for actual vacations, but for more time to spend together!)
He has lost 10 more of his 15 lbs to go! (total of 20 in 8 months!!!) This man is a rock star.
And he also trained for a ran (most of) the Indy Mini!
He sure meets his goals quickly - its 6 months into the year and all he has left is 5 lbs to lose!

I have most definitely finished graduate school and now can sign my name, Rachel Draper, MA :)
I also am employed part-time as a counselor with Life Matters Counseling, a ministry of Youth for Christ
I trained for an ice cream eating contest the Indy Mini this spring as well and ran a bit and walked a lot of it!
And while I haven't become more involved in worship ministry at our church yet (I was planning on playing the keys once in awhile) I am definitely in the middle of ministry transformation...just praying for guidance on where, how, and to who God wants me to minister...for more info check out the 'radical living' tab on my blog

Our sweet little miss Mylin...she has done SO much that I don't know if I can even report it all!
She currently has 8 teeth showing - which makes for an absolutely ADORABLE grin!
She has been taking steps for about 4 weeks now, but still hasn't taken off across a room yet! (we are ok with that, she has this awesome, spider-like crawl with her head down to battle Eme's licks)  :)
And she is going to turn 1 year old in 10 days!!! I can hardly believe that!
As for words...she is really taking off here too!  She says mama, daddy, meow, bite, milk; she signs more, and all done; and she can wave byebye, clap, click her tongue, blow bubbles, pretend she's talking on her 'phone' (hand) to daddy at work, make farting noises with her mouth, and bounce on command - she is absolutely amazing!

Now...what we'll we accomplish during the next 6 months?!

What have YOU accomplished lately?!

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  1. So proud of you all!! And Miss Mylin's adorable little grin......It is a heart melter for sure!!