Tuesday, June 21, 2011

our little 'boy'

Did you think this was going to be a post about a new draper baby on the way?!
Sorry to fool and disappoint you!

This is actually a funny story about a recent trip to the library...
A week ago mylin went to her first 'wee read' session at the library
This consists of other under 2 year old's and their parents/grandparents taking them to an interactive reading/story hour
This particular day it was crazy thunderstormy all morning
It was also projected to be 83 degrees
So i put mylin and i in some coordinating jungle outfits: i had birds of paradise on my shirt and she had grey and white zebra print shorts with a grey onesie
As i stepped outside a few minutes before brittany got here to pick us up i noticed that the rainy weather had kept the temperature pretty low - too cold for baby mylin in her cute shorts
As I scurried back in to frantically change both of us into jeans...and I suddenly realized Mylin looked like a little boy!
But her grey onesie had a sweet tiny embellishement on it (a lace bow) and thought that'd give her away since I didn't have time to grab a headband (not like she would cooperate and keep it on her head anyways!)

(she was embarrassed that she looked like a boy...)  :(

As I relay this whole story to Brittany we drive to the library and get all set up in the reading room
First thing out of anyone's mouth is commenting on how cute my little guy is!
Brittany and I just crack up laughing!
I politely correct this grandma and tell her (briefly) my funny morning story we all chuckle and I tell her I am seriously not upset or offended - I did this to myself!
As I'm sure you can imagine - she just kept getting referred to as 'he' all during story hour!
To top it all off her name tag said "MYLAN" on it - and I was sooo embarrassed already that my she looked like a he, I was afraid to ask them to make a new name tag with the correct spelling on it!
Thankfully Brittany coaxed me into it and they were graciously obliging

Needless to say, we promptly returned home and changed back into our cute shorts and I made a mental note that Mylin will be wearing a pink dress to the next reading hour :)

Whew.  What a morning :)


  1. Oh my word, Rachel! I'm laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my cheeks. This is seriously a hilarious story!! You've got to record this in her baby book. :) Thanks for sharing and giving us a laugh too.

  2. Poor little gal!! I agree with Leslie, this is one for the book! :)