Sunday, June 5, 2011

The big mushroom hunt of 2011 (part 1)

We were scheduled to leave at 7:30am!  The high chair was all packed up so Miss Mylin had to eat breakfast while sitting on a big girl chair - sweet expression!

My view from the back seat - two sleeping lovelies and two sleeping puppies :)

Mylin's first mushroom hunt with daddy!

Family picture in the woods :)

Posing the cousins around a 'shroom
Ok, funny story. We were in the downstairs bedroom with two twin beds and a door into the bathroom.  This tiny hallway shows our room from the bathroom door view.  The first night we had the packnplay in this location - out of the way of mom and dad, right?  WRONG.  Little Miss could stand up and just STARE at us from her baby prison!  She would wail and cry.  Since we started babywise in December, we have not had more than 1 other night of her not sleeping 12-14 hours - until this night! 

So how did we improvise?! By putting her sad soul in the open closet :) I know, right? Sounds wrong that my baby slept in a closet, but as you can see, its not as bad as it sounds :) And she slept beautifully the rest of the vacation!

Here's a glimpse of what a morel looks like

Part of our 40 lb plunder! (around these parts you call sell 1 lb for about $40-$50...)

One of my favorite pictures ever!

Getting ready to weigh and dehydrate these babies!


  1. LOVE your family picture in the woods!

    Some day Mylin will hold it over your heads that you made her sleep in a closet. :)

  2. I've known parents to put kids in bathtubs on vacation. I think the closet is ok! Wow, that's a lot of mushrooms!

  3. How exciting!! I love the pics....and the two cousins look so confused...."What??"