Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pinterest-inspired learning activity!

I love all the fun and inspiring homeschool/preschool projects on pinterest!
A few weeks ago I picked up the supplies to make one at home - and this week I finally did it!

I started with this pile of stuff

And these two eager helpers :)

And in a few minutes we had made a color learning activity for Little Miss!

Ethan enjoyed helping her learn how to say colors 

But poor Mylin still isn't strong enough to open the closepins to put the right dot with the right pin!  However, she really likes stacking all the circles in a pile :)

This project was fun, simple, and CHEAP!
The paint color samples are free at any hardware store - and we found a bag of 100 closepins at Wal-Mart for a whopping $1...get some scissors and glue and you're all set!

I was inspired by these 2 pinterest pins (closepins & color samples) to create this project - and am so excited for her and her sibling(s) to grow and get to enjoy all the other ones I'm anxious to make!

What other preschool/homeschool ideas do you have using either closepines, paint samples, or both?!


  1. Learning how to open the closepin will be a great fine motor skill for her to practice that will help her greatly with writing when the time comes! So you get a 2 in 1 with that activity! Actually 3 as she learns to verbally say the colors as well. It's amazing how simple activities can benefit a toddler so much. I just wish I had pinterest when I was going through that phase of life! What a blessing to have a ton of resources at your fingertips!!

  2. Loving the new look...... adorable pic of Mylin!! Great activity too!!! Thanks, dear Friend, for showing the way of Pintresting! :)

  3. How cute!
    How can Ethan be old enough to have braces???