Friday, March 2, 2012

Home decor/Pinterest inspired project!

View my 'Accomplished' board to see the original pin
Or click on the website directly HERE

Look at the handy work of my amazing hubby!!!

The original post was of a shape of a heart made out of frames, but we adapted it into a 'D' between our two initials above our bed

He hung the 10 frames in between the beautiful grapevine letters his mother, Kari (etsy site HERE), crafted for us as a gift a few Christmas' ago!

I love seeing some fruit from all the hours I spend pinning my dream world on virtual boards.....

What pinterest projects have you done in your house?!


  1. We found our state pictures on the mantle through pinterest. And our laundry detergent and dishwasher soap!

  2. Yay for finished projects! I have a picture wall we completed in December but I have yet to write a post about it. It feels great to get them done!! Markleys came over (it had been awhile since they had been over) and Jenny oohed and ahhed at all my little changes. It's fun when a close friend who is there a lot notices all the changes!