Friday, March 23, 2012

Family weekend away in Indy

Last weekend Joel, Mylin, and I got to spend a looong weekend together!
It started with Joel taking Friday off work and strolling Mylin to the library for Wee Read (infant/toddler library time)
What a fun daddy!!!

Then we packed up and drove to Indy and checked in just before Mylin's naptime - newsflash: Mylin did not actually nap, but cried and played off and on in her pack-n-play for 2 hours...
Then we went to Squealers - a local BBQ joint - it was DELICIOUS!

That night at the hotel Mylin and Joel spent a lot of time reading - though I couldn't get either of them to cooperate for a picture...

After Mylin went to sleep we stayed up and watched March Madness and worked on a presentation over the topic 'Communication' that I was going to present to our MomLife group that next week
It was SO great to just lounge and spend time together talking for hours :)

The next morning we packed up early and headed to the Children's Museum with my brother, David, his wife, Jayna, their boys, Glenn & Luke (and soon to be #3 brother - due in April!)

That afternoon we went to an indoor water park to celebrate Luke turning 4 and then we all went out for pizza before crashing back in the hotel
Another night of lounging and basketball and the 'feel' of vacation being away from home!

We got home late morning Sunday and spent the rest of the day relaxing together still - what a refreshing weekend!
It was so fun to get away as a family - probably our last time away from home, all together, before baby is due to arrive in about 10 weeks!

What do you find is the best way to travel with young ones and get them to sleep well?
We always get a suite now, so we can have a door that separately bedroom/living room so we can be up while Mylin sleeps...
Any other ideas?!

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