Thursday, January 12, 2012

What will 2012 bring us?

Were you able to catch our post about the run-down of 2011?

Well this year I've felt convicted to keep our goals much more simpler.
So simple, in fact, that we really are going to focus our attention on just ONE.

Check out the New Year's Day sermon we were blessed with here

So for 2012, Joel and I are striving to remember and keep God our first and foremost focus.
We desire to focus on prioritizing prayer time, devotion time, scripture reading, and Godly fellowship - all to bring about our focus towards Him; to direct our energy, daily, for His work; to have what we would say and how we would act be for His glory.

Please join us in praying for this goal and help us stay accountable!

What are your goals/resolutions/hopes for 2012?!?!


  1. Such a convicting and inspiring sermon and life goal. This is the reason we are in existence! Oftentimes I find the other goals/resolutions I make are this goal in action! What a great reminder of the central focus we were created for! It can be so easy to loose sight of the why! Thank you for this!

    I have a post scheduled next week of my 2012 goals! :) Hope you enjoy!

    1. I love this, Brittany! I'm also wondering what this reply thing is and how I can add it to my blog. :)

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  3. I was just thinking about the seasons of our lives this morning and how sometimes the Lord just wants us to focus on Him, sometimes it's time to take action of what His love gives us and act on it (more specific goals and directions) and sometimes we'll go through seasons of uncertainty. It's always simple for him and love others!

  4. Leslie, How true. I think oftentimes more growth can transpire through our seasons of uncertainty with Christ. We are challenged and stretched....but are unaware of what God's goal is....until we have unknowingly reached it.