Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I am LOVIN these days

Coffee creamer

Maternity clothes - especially these cargo pants from Motherhood Maternity

And here's me modeling them at 18 weeks!

Leisure reading

Candles - particularly ones from A Different Light in Bluffton

Pinterest recipes

My goal is to try at least one from here each week!  This week is Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Banana breakfast pizza and Baked Chicken Parmesan

Ellen in the afternoons - my comic relief on my stay-at home days!
Tuesday night t.v.

My unbelievably amazing family that are blessings greater than I can imagine or describe

What are some of your favorite things right now?!


  1. hmmm....favoites....last year I was on the hunt for the best towels and sheets and for some reason I've been thinking about how awesome they still are right now! So, Ralph Lauren towels, and amazing soft white sheets from JC Penny (I would actually have to get out of them right now to see the brand!). In addition to bed things, I love this new 4 in memory foam we bought to soften our Sleep Number Bed. It's amazing! In addition I can't keep my hands off my kids in fuzzy warm PJs! They are just so quite and comfy wearing those things. Love to read any time of year! We've also been trying to laugh more as parents so instead of getting frustrated with the boys we laugh (sometimes needing to do it without them seeing us!). Laughter is such great stress release so trying to do that more!

  2. I am loving your new blog design, as well as the new pic of Baby Draper! :) I am loving days at home reading children's books, a husband who is growing in ways I couldn't of dreamed, a daughter who is full of surprises, our cozy (aka small) house, and old sweatpants that are beyond comfy!

  3. I am loving being in my last semester of grad school. I am loving my daughters' discussions about the baby. I am loving the fact that I am growing a new life right now and that God has blessed us yet again. I am loving having a slower schedule and being able to be home at night with my family.

  4. You look so cute in your little pregnant pants :D
    I watched one episode of New Girl and want to see more! I'm so into pinterest recipes too. I should maybe try a new one each week too - that's a good idea.
    Right now I'm loving taking pictures and reading poetry AND collecting ideas for beautiful desserts. <3