Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Draper's holidays

We are just getting settled after 9 days of family, friends, parties, presents, food, and fun!
Here's a glimpse of our holiday week in pictures (and a few captions)

Castle from Bushie and Jodgie (Joel's parents)
Christmas at home with mom and dad!

(When asked by Bushie what Mylin got for Christmas, she replied 'I got socks!')

Christmas in Michigan with Great-Bushie and Great-Jodgie

Draper cousin-twin, Jace
Homemade gift exchange - Joel and I were blessed by the gifts 2 of his cousins created...
A refinished tiny table and chairs!!!! There is even glitter paint on everything... :)

I made a sign for Neil's bee box, "Draper Apiary, Neil's Native Nectar"
And Joel made a memorial picture and frame for his Aunt Paula,
who's husband Clark died in August of this year
Cut to the Merkle Christmas at my parents house: 3 girls, 3 pink sparkle skirts!

 And 8 crazy grandchildren!!!

 Our 'Christmas' morning traditional picture (remember last year's?!)  Can't believe that next year there will be 2 more babes added to this clan! (My brother David and his wife Jayna are expecting in April)

 And Mylin with her Merkle cousin-twin, Andre, and his oldest sister, Maddie
 Joel's birthday celebration!!!

Lastly, Joel's 'masterpiece' of the week: we can finally braid Mylin's hair :)
A lot has changed in a year!!!  We can't wait to see how life changes for us in another year :)

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  1. Wow, never thought of a paperclip as a hair barette! That made me chuckle.