Saturday, January 21, 2012

our week

3 Pinterest recipes

Cinnamon Roll pancakes (impromptu on the day Joel was home sick from work this week)
- we LOVED them! Next time I will try the cinnamon roll pancake bake mentioned at the end of the blog recipe link - this was crunchy, which I liked, but also burned easily in the skillet, which I didn't like...

 Peanut butter, jelly, banana breakfast pizza that I mentioned I was going to make this week
- We loved this recipe too!  Like always, I changed some things - I used whole wheat flour, brown sugar, regular butter, cinnamon chips (we were fresh out of chocolate because I also made scotcheroos the day Joel was home sick...) and jelly (not jam).  Next time I would either half the dough recipe or put this into 2 pie pans - the dough was VERY thick! Joel's excited to have it cold tomorrow and see which he likes better

 Chicken Parmesan Bake
-  Ok first of all it was WAY creepy that the guy who does this blog link did a video to tell me how to make this - I didn't like having his voice in my kitchen!  But, we really liked this recipe too!  I chunked my chicken and cooked it in a skillet 2 days ago (moms with small children can appreciate the stages of prep for a good meal!!!) and I also made my own croutons instead of using a bag of garlic ones - we'll definitely make this again!  Would be very simple to make a ton at once and freeze for meals for later
Daddy drew this picture at breakfast...

So we also had a snow day today!

Other than that, this week we had our extra day at home with Joel

A date night at church last night where we both one prizes!!!
I won the game at our table - a starbucks gift card
And Joel had 2 tickets to a Casting Crowns concert taped on the bottom of his chair :)

Mice in our kitchen  :(  (no picture because of how much I was freaking out when I saw them dead this morning!!!!!!!!)

And our little mama budding into quite the lover!

What happened during your week?!



  1. Did you say THEM?? Mice are a normal part of our country living. However, I HATE to see them dead or alive. I always ask the Lord to please let me not see them running through the house. I haven't seen one in a very long time and we probably catch about a 2 dozen a year. I stopped counting because it's so gross!

  2. Peanut Butter, Jelly and Banana breakfast pizza? Are you kidding me?? delish!

  3. The chicken looks amazing!! I want to search your pinterest for it ^^ Mylin is so sweet with her little babies at the end <3
    You know from yesterday that my week was a mini vacation in West London. I stopped at a macaroon bakery and the most interesting flavour was pear chestnut. But it was good :D