Sunday, November 13, 2011

200th post!

It was only 8 months ago that I posted my 100th post!
I have really ramped up the frequency this year - besides my 2 week sabbatical that I took last month...

Maybe this isn't worth dedicated a whole post to...but what else would I be writing about?!

When I was in first grade we used to have '100 day' and we got to bring in 100 of something for like a show and tell...I think I brought in stickers
Other kids brought in other fun, small items like cereal or pennies or marbles...I can't remember them all, that was a long time ago...

So should I write 200 of my most favorite things?
Or post 200 of my favorite pictures?! (not likely since my virusy computer is HIDING ALL MY PICTURES FROM ME! grrrrrrrrrrr)
Or should I do a free right of 200 words?
I really have no idea, I'm just wingin it as I type this (very unlike the organized me.)

I do know 1 thing...I am glad that I have posted so many of my favorite pictures to this blog or on facebook especially now that I am worried I may have lost many of the pictures we already had :(
That makes me reflect on what I put my stock and treasure in...
I think I posted about this awhile back - storing our treasures in heaven and not on the earth
But I am thankful for circumstances in my life that remind me of this important meditation
It is so frustrating to think we may have lost not only pictures, but other important documents on our computer...and then we think about how much we rely on technology to do so much for us - instead of relying fully on God to provide what we need
We ought to be more responsible with what He has blessed us with and be good stewards of our technology, bodies, money, and relationships............

There are so many places to go from here!

I pray that I can not only be diligent to learn what God wants from me in these areas - but also be ripe for the teaching and be able to share it with my readers, since you all have blessed me with so much insight!

It's amazing that even after 200 one-sided conversations I still might have more to say :)


  1. Congratulations on your 200th post. As one of your diligent readers, I can say I have greatly enjoyed your openness and vulnerability. I often come away inspired and challenged! Thank You!

  2. In all your post I kept thinking how sad I was about your computer junk. We had to erase everything and start over a few years ago and I cried and cried since there's tons of business stuff on mine. I was thankful that I had never cleared our camera card off. Your post reminds me to do a back up this week! Aside from the computer stuff, I enjoy reading and look forward to continuing to read!

  3. 200! Wahoo!! I've loved every one of them!