Thursday, November 10, 2011


So it seems that I have fallen off the face of the blog-earth...
After 2 years of 'regularly' posting...I hit a wall!
Many factors contributed to this:
1. We temporarily lost our camera - and I don't like to have too many posts without pictures!
2. We have been incredibly lazy in the evenings and veg on the couch reading or watching t.v. after Mylin goes to bed
3. On Sundays, when I usually post, I have been napping :)
4. We got a virus on our computer a week and a half ago - and I have spent barely anytime on it since!

So...this is my brief post of return and I will work on some new posts to start scheduling again...look forward to my 200th post!!!

What have you all been doing lately?! I'm glad you are still posting and haven't been hit by the same lazy bug I have :)

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I too am glad I haven't been hit by the same lazy bug......oh wait.......haha!!

    But so glad you are back! I have missed regular updates on you and your wonderful family!