Friday, November 18, 2011

new stuff

Miss Mylin has so much new stuff going on in her life!
She'll be 17 months next week :)

She's been taking off her shirts while napping
Trying to take off her pants while playing
Pooping and peeing through her diapers at night
Getting anything she wants out of the cupboards (thanks Joel for baby-proofing them while I was gone yesterday!!!)
And just today she started walking down the stairs forward-facing like a big girl!

But the newest stuff going on in her life is this:

It took me many tries to even get this picture....she was being such a stinker!
So, while she's not showing her enthusiasm with smiling - we are all REALLY REALLY REALLY excited!!!!!
Wee one is due end of May/beginning of June - more details to come on the last 12 weeks of pregnancy soon....
Thank you God, for your abundant blessings!


  1. Congrats, Dear Friends! We cannot wait to meet Baby Draper #2!!! LOVE the Shirt Too!!!

  2. Congrats!! So very happy for you!

  3. Mylin will make a great big sister!