Sunday, May 29, 2011

getting over it

i am so over the clutter and busyness of my life.
it is what is the busyness of the american life and i have swiftly entered into the rapidly flowing stream and now i'm desperately trying to climb back up on the calm shore!

where has my time devoted on God gone?
why have we gotten out of the habit of praying together each morning?
why do i have SO MUCH STUFF!?!?!
when will all of this slow down so i can switch my focus?

just as i see the importance of mylin being in a routine, i think my soul and mind are desperate for a routine
in routines we have so much freedom
i am free to schedule playdates and errands around naps and snacks according to mylin's schedule
with my own routine i won't have to worry about fitting in reading the bible, praying, reading for leisure, or (obsessively...) reading blogs
this was a goal of mine in my very first simplification post and i need some accoutability to get back at it!

and to get rid of all the stuff that is taking me over?!
i have slowly begun to 'purge' a lot of unneccesary items and have collected boxes and bags full of crap stuff i don't need
the most difficult part about this is that they are just laying around the house until i can get rid of them!
we have 2 great causes they are going to
1. A fundraising garage sale on June 4th for our friends waiting to adopt from Ethiopia
2. A fundraising garage sale for a mom group I am in on July 8th and 9th

so until then i not only still have the junk - its boxed up and cluttering my house! (this is where i breath and remember 'patience'...

i am so thankful that admidst this time of unrest, God continues to put women and couples in my and our lives to challenge and encourage
this last week i was so privileged to have deep conversations of passion about Christ and our familes with both Brittany and Jill
they have me motivated to organize, clean, and calm down :)

i need to get over life as i've made it lately and get back to focusing on God, my marriage, and my mylin :)


  1. Rachel- I am feeling some of these same things right now! We are SO busy, so I stay up late getting things done, then sleep in in the morning...which doesn't leave much alone time with God before Ivy wakes up. I'm glad you posted this, because I need to get back into more of a routine as well. And I totally agree with you that getting rid of "stuff" is so freeing :) I love it!

  2. Rachel, it is so encouraging to know we are sharing the same feelings, stresses and frustrations in this "American life of normalcy." I love that we are both on this path of simplification together. :)