Tuesday, August 24, 2010

quick and easy dinner and dessert!

ground chicken (or chopped chicken breast)
any dressing/marinade (our new favorite: roasted red pepper vinigrette)
whole wheat pasta
any other veggies wanted
salt and pepper

cook chicken in skillet
put in bag/tupperware with marinade (freeze or refrigerate until day of use)
cook pasta and drain
return pasta to pan and add chicken marinade and veggies (and some extra marinade...)
warm all together for 10ish minutes

easy and delicious!
we served ours with a side of asparagus which we are currently addicted to this summer

bonus: great recipe cause 1/2 of it can be made ahead of time and stocked up in the freezer!

1 can crescent rolls
chocolate chips
melted butter
egg white
cinnamon/sugar mix

roll out the crescent rolls on a pan and brush with melted butter
fill with chocolate chips and roll back up
brush tops with egg white/water mixture and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top
bake at 375 for 15 minutes

DELICIOUS! i just got these out of the oven and i'm pretty sure they'll all be gone by tonight...
can make them with peanut butter and chocolate, or add some marshmellow creme to the chocolate crescents for a smore! thanks kim!!!
i made some with chocolate and some with butterscotch chips :)

bonus: can be used for breakfast, snack, or dessert

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