Tuesday, September 21, 2010

workout/weight loss update

spinning is going great!
i'm still doing it 2 times a week with another new mama - which keeps me accountable!
this last week i also joined a zumba class that was free on saturday morning
that was SO fun and funny and i was sore afterwards!

the exercise helps me sleepy body be productive when i get up and get it moving
it also helps me get a great start to my morning and provides some alone time for joel and i on those mornings to enjoy breakfast together (i'm up at 4:30, home and showered by 6:30 and joel doesn't leave until 7:15)

all this to say that i'm feeling good post baby!
my goal was to lose all the weight by my birthday (6 days away)
however, these last 5 lbs are just lingering (this may or may not be due to my new obsession with all things oreo...oreo ice cream, plain oreos, and this new oreo/pudding pie - recipe coming soon!)
it also doesn't help that bluffton's 100th street fair begins tonight and we live so close that the grease smell permeates our house and the food somehow makes it to my stomach (and thighs, and bottom, and so on...)
i'll enjoy all of it though!
yummy! :)


  1. Rachel, you're too funny! The last 5 - always the hardest...I think! But great job on the previous...however many pounds it was! :)

  2. Great job, Rachel. Excercising helps in so many ways - no matter what the scale says.