Saturday, February 25, 2012

yummy in my tummy!

So I haven't had as many frequent posts about pinterest recipes...BUT I have still been making at least 1 per week!

The last week we had:

French Toast Casserole
- This is SOOO delicious and will now move to the top of our 'do again' breakfast list!
I made it for MomLife and scurried out the door while it was still hot - so I totally didn't get a picture of it :(
But what I love is that you make it the night before and it just soaks together all the goodness for 12 hours before you bake it and enjoy it covered in yummy syrup :)


Chicken Roll-Ups (and Roasted Parmesan Asparagus - adapted from a green bean recipe)
- Wow.  I couldn't believe how awesome these were - but again, with cheese in the sauce, in the filling, and on top, I'm pretty sure they were destined to be delicious!  We split that batch and baked half and froze half...not sure how long those will stay in the freezer before being torn out and popped in the oven and then in my mouth!


Sticky Buns
- So.  There is no picture of these because they took forever to bake and I had left before they were done...These tasted amazing! (A lot like my mom's overnight coffeecake...but then again, nothing is as good as that.) BUT they took like 3+ the amount of baking time it said...maybe I'm exaggerating...but I had to at least double it.  I have had this problem nearly every time I try to make sticky buns or monkey bread with biscuits from a can - am I doing something wrong?!?!

Cake Batter Cookies

- These were an impulse bake Friday night and another recipe that will move to the top of our do again list!
I split the batter and made half with chocolate chips and half with butterscotch (our favorite). YUMMY.
They were one of the easiest recipes ever to make - of course, not being able to top their cousin, pumpkin muffins (the absolute easiet baked goods recipe ever.)

Next up:
I'm wanting to make Buffalo Chicken Dip and Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake in the near future!

What's on your menu at home this week?


  1. This all looks delish!! I can attest to the cookies....... the three of us have enjoyed them! :)

  2. The one reason it's good we don't live so close: you're an amazing baker and I'm an amazing eater.

  3. Yum!! So much deliciousness in one place!! I wish I could eat the cookies right now ^^. I think today I'm going to try something with roasted grapes - like a brochette with some nice cheese. It's an interesting combo that has me curious... <3