Wednesday, February 1, 2012

salads and head colds

My pinterest recipes of the week:
Apple Pear Gargonzola Salad
- My personalization: blue cheese instead of gargonzola...added avocado, didn't use nuts.  And did a bit of the cidar dressing and some blue cheese dressing too.   Great for a party!!!
(and since it was made at and consumed at a party - I did not get a picture!)

Chicken Salad sandwiches
- I didn't have grapes or celery and don't like nuts...but we did add garlic and some extra spices and of course parmesan! (makes any cold 'salad' sandwich better!).  Next time I will totally make sure I have red grapes - I love what they bring to a good chicken salad sandwich.

In other news I have been battling some form of cold for over 3 weeks.
This is getting old and exhausting
Thank you to all my facebook friends for your encouragement and home remedies!
While I am still definitely not back to normal - my energy is returning!
Evidenced by finally sitting down to do another blog :)
And also by going through emails, cleaning and organizing at home again, and leisure reading!
Can you believe I was feeling so sick I couldn't read?!
It just seemed too taxing...

However, I must give praise to the amazing husband God has given me

He was such a loving, selfless servant over the last few weeks and ESPECIALLY the last few days
He even battled being sick a few days in there too!!!
I am so humbled by the man God has given me as a husband - I do not deserve God's favor or Joel's loving-kindness
What a moment of gracious understand at how wonderful and good our God really is!
He deserves our praise and glory
Thank you so much for Your provision and ordination in our lives!

What did you battle with in January?!


  1. Hey! I'm sorry you're sick! Everything turns out for good in the fact that you got to see how sweet your husband is <3 ^^. I love all the pinterest recipes and their outcomes - keep em coming ^^.
    We battled a mould problem in January... :s Apparently we weren't ventilating the apartment enough, so I am learning to open the window in winter, but so far it hasn't returned ^^. <3

  2. You have a very sweet blog! I hope you get well soon! :)