Sunday, February 5, 2012

baked goods

Hubby's had a very stressful and difficult week at work :(
Not just him, but the entire group of engineer's he works with
So, since I can't go in and solve their problems for them (though I've really been racking my brain how to....), what do I do for them instead?!
Thursday I made Honey Beer Bread

and Cream Cheese Banana Bread (pinterest recipes!) for him to take to an afternoon meeting

Friday I had him take in Cake Batter Cookies

and Cream Cheese Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Yeah - I know - YUM.

None of my creations turned out like the pinterest pictures except these chocolate chip cookies...I think it's because I only bake with whole wheat flour...
What are your comments/thoughts/suggestions on baking with whole wheat flour in place of all-purpose?!

Thankfully I had a co-baker during the oven marathon!

Yes, I realize she looks stoned. She technically wasn't - but also has been battling colds in the month of January, so this is her 'cold' face.  And technically she didn't help either.  BUT if it wasn't for this sweet soul I wouldn't have so much joy in my life to energize into baking!!!

We also were in charge of breakfast at church on Sunday so I made some favorite dishes of ours to have ready EARLY Sunday morning:
PBJ and Banana pie (again) with a new family favorite: Hawaiian Egg Sandwiches

Baking has been where I've invested my energy this week after feeling so sick and sad for the last several weeks :(

What have you been baking lately?
I'm on a roll and would love some more new ideas!!!


  1. Been trying out organic wheat pastry flour. Jenny Markley introduced me to it. I have found that its not as dense as whole wheat so doesn't have a heavy texture.

  2. I use whole wheat flour, too. I think it makes things a little chewier or denser, but I don't mind it.

  3. How thoughtful of you!! I usually use whole wheat, but sometimes, when baking for others, use all purpose! :) I have been very lazy with baking lately. My freezer supply is gone, and just can't seem to fill it up! But the cream cheese banana bread looks delish!