Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my bad...

i am notorious for leaving the burner on :( usually its just a pot of tea (cut to a picture of my completely burnt tea pot - once a sweet smooth green, now a splotchy brown and black with a hint of green...) this week, however, i took this to new levels not only did a burn an entire pot of carrots i was making to freeze for Mylin, but this evening i burnt 4 cups worth of brown rice - also in the making for little miss the worst part about burning stuff on my gas stove? the cleanup! we'll see if i even clean it up in the next month - i know, gross right?! welp, i'm lazy.


  1. Love the music!! The tea pot.... it sure has one "dry" story to tell....over, and over, and over again! :)

  2. Oh my word! Are you serious about not cleaning it up?? I laughed out loud while reading it. I wouldn't say "lazy" is the right word. Just not a priority for you.

  3. Oh no! I wrecked a tea pot, too. I've learned I need to set timers - not just mental ones - because I totally forget about things all too often. Still, sometimes I forget to set the timer, too! :)