Monday, October 12, 2009

tea pot timer

my newest habit is starting the stove to heat water for tea and then forgetting about until about 20-60 minutes later...yeah, i said 60. once, i went into the kitchen to find that my gas stovetop had shut off and my microwave fan had turned on all by themselves in a safety mechanism that kicked on after all the water had boiled away in the teapot and my mint green kettle had turned a burnt brown. nice.
i did it again today - but only forgot for about 20 minutes. my whistle on my kettle doesn't whistle - or not loud enough! what do i do?

also. i want to move to seattle. heaven to me would be a place where it rains more days than not. what could i do for a living if i moved there? what would joel do? (maybe i could work at seattle grace and meet meredith grey...and mcdreamy and mcsteamy)


  1. What a funny little story! I've forgotten water on the stove many times. It's scary. Good thing for your safety mechanism.

  2. I've done that several times. It is a good thing I live in a small apartment. I don't think we'll ever be able to have a house because I would probably burn it down. lol.