Saturday, March 12, 2011

'first' babysitter

On a Saturday night last month Mylin had her first babysitter (that wasn't family or the Towne's who we date trade with)
This was a young lady from our church that we have come to know their family and Joel has been in Bible study with her dad

I don't know if you have had an 8 month old before or if they all do this (which I think for the most part they do...) but Mylin has some dramatic separation anxiety when we leave her with someone that is not us!
She actually has it when anyone is holding her that isn't Joel or I when we are in the room...
This even happens to our mom's who each keep Mylin 1-2 days a week!

Well I was gone with my classmates at some much needed 'group therapy' in FW and Joel and I were going to meet up in Berne for a birthday party
Joel picked Emma up and brought her back here to show her the ropes (I love organizing and man was there a ton of stuff to organize in preparation for this! Don't worry, I forgot to add our pediatrician's name and phone # to the emergency contact list - which I had already laminated...grr...)
Joel put Mylin in her high chair while Emma fed her dinner and Joel ate his own, then Emma carried her all around the house while Joel showed her everything that she might possibly need (even the fire extinguishers - seriously, are we the only ones like this?!)
Then he said his goodbye and was off to meet up with me!
Yep, its a babysitting miracle - we are definitely keeping Emma around!
Oh yeah, and Emma even texted us an hour later and told us not to rush home, she doing fine, Mylin was fast asleep for the night and she wanted us to 'have fun' - I love her.


  1. Seriously.... What a treasure!!

  2. Those kind of sitters are a treasure. The boys LOVE our sitter and so do we. It's so nice to have someone you can trust. Glad it went well!