Thursday, January 6, 2011

next on my reading list...

I had not been able to read a book for leisure since before Mylin's birth!
Before she arrived Joel and I reread Francine Rivers The Mark of the Lion series
The heroin is an amazing woman of Christ named Hadassah and we wanted to use it if our baby was a girl (hence Mylin Hadassah Draper)
6 loooooong months later I am deep into Francine Rivers latest saga, Marta's Legacy
I have finished Her Mother's Hope and am currently addicted to Her Daughter's Dream (more extensive review of this saga to come later)

Next on my reading list are 2 books my wonderful husband got me for Christmas:

The Busy Woman's Guide to a Balanced Life: quick and easy tips for managing the 10 most important areas of a woman's life: family, finances, friendship, health, hospitality, marriage, self, singles, spiritual life, and work (from Today's Christian Woman magazine)

Then comes my absolute favorite genre: historical fiction!
Journey to the Well by Diana Wallis Taylor

What have you been reading lately?

What historical fiction books can you recommend for me?!


  1. I'm entrenched in Her Mother's Hope. Thanks to you. :-)

  2. Hey Rache--

    I also LOVE Francine Rivers...The Mark of the Lion series is definitely one of my favorites. Have you ever read her book The Last Sin Eater? I think that is my absolute favorite book of hers (and maybe my favorite fiction book overall). I highly recommend it if you haven't read it. We also have the movie, but the book is a little better.

    Excited to get Mylin and Ivy together again sometime :)