Wednesday, September 29, 2010

birthday love!

September 27th was eventful :)
1:00 am Mylin wakes up mommy to tell her happy birthday (she was screaming it...) and to eat!
5:00 am Mylin gets mommy up again to scream that she loves me and wants some more food :)
8:30 I'm up for my day - I kind of slept in!
10:00 we bundle up and go to the Bohemian Bean for a large Mocha Mudslide (mocha, irish cream and chocolate milano...YUM!)
12:00 - 1:00 lunch at home with hub!
1:30 drop Mylin off at grandma Karen's while I go to class (blech - no one likes school on their birthday!)
4:45 I arrive back home the same time Joel gets home with Mylin and we change (I pump) and take Mylin to the towne's for the evening
5:50 Joel drops me off at a massage he got from Groupon !!!
7:30 We get lost in Fort Wayne :)
8:00 We make it to Club Soda (another groupon deal Joel found!) for an AMAZING dinner! We enjoyed tuna seshemi, crab cakes, a duck roll, coconut shrimp, and smoked gouda dip - which was our appetizer! Soup and salad and bread in between and then a seafood pasta we could barely get a few bites from! (enjoyed the next day for lunch)
10:00 arrive home to our baby girl
12:00 everyone is finally asleep and I am officially 26.
p.s. next morning Joel gave me Francine Rivers newest book, A Mother's Hope

Thanks for such a wonderful, surprise birthday babe! I love you SO much!


  1. Sounds really fun. Glad you had a great day. All that seafood... yum.

  2. Joel did a great job! So glad that you had a very memorable 26th bday! 26 was hard for me because it meant I was over the hump to 30...and this year I actually enter it! YIKES!