Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh my goodness...

"Oh my goodness" is a phrase we use in our house a lot - and by 'we' I mean myself, Joel and Miss Mylin
It is HILARIOUS hearing it come out of her mouth!

(winter hat...90+ degrees...)

What is not hilarious is a few incidents in our day today...

This morning Mylin took off her jammies and put on her clothes all by herself - YAY!!!
During alone playtime though, she just took off her clothes AND diaper, and didn't put anything else on...
So when I came up to get her she was wiping her pee off the wood floor with her shirt.
What seemed something to rejoice over and put in her baby book in the morning was now something to sigh over and put in her baby book by lunchtime

THEN we had the Zesto's incident
Yogurt in a cone dipped in chocolate is absolutely one of my favorite summer treats
I always ask Joel to go and he rarely agrees (very very sad, pouty face from me...)
So this afternoon after naptime I thought I'd take the kids to Zesto's myself
I decided I would just rough it and eat the cone in the car (instead of in the sweaty heat) and let Mylin enjoy a shake in her carseat

That ended up being my first very large, messy, stressful mistake.

Not only did she keep getting pieces of strawberry stuck in her straw that I had to suck out...Sully began to shriek which caused me, holding my melty dream dessert, to go from one side of the car to the other to help/soothe my kids
I was already making a big mess by dripping when I decided to just head for home, hoping Sully would calm down and I could get Mylin back to sit with her and help her eat her shake

That was my second very large, messy, stressful mistake

Not only did Sully scream louder, Mylin (we all knew this was coming) spilled her shake not on the floor...but in her carseat.
She began screaming and crying (both out of shock and disappointment) and I pulled over immediately
Upon surveying the damage I threw my cone in the trash because I knew I couldn't set it down or finish it before I had to help them out
I scrambled over the console into the backseat and tried to pacify Sullivan while calming down Mylin
Luckily (I thought) there were towels in the back from our trip to the pool yesterday
I reached for those to clean up the mess and realized THAT was what smelled like a rotten diaper in our vehicle - not the rotten diaper I assumed had rolled under a seat somewhere...

So there I was, with a stinky rotten towel mopping up sticky runny shake in between to screaming crying children
It may have only lasted 5 minutes - but it was the worst 5 minutes of my life since becoming a parent of 2.

No more solo trips for treats for awhile :)


  1. Oh Rachel! That does sound horrible! I'm sure if I were blogging back when the boys were that age I'd have similar stories to tell. However, I think I've blocked them from my memory or else I'd share some horrible moments. I've got my share of terribly embarrassing public tantrums. One day you will look back and laugh at the good ole days! :)

  2. lol...oh. man. story of my life Rachel...i hear you, and i love you! You're a great mommy :)

  3. Oh man. One of those days that is funny NOW, but in the moment... horrible. Thanks for giving me a laugh though! LOVE YOU! You're awesome.

  4. Oh dear! I feel bad for laughing to myself at the the craziness going on because you and the kids are so cute through it all! But you are a great mom and there is a lot to adjust to. Not only are you are mother of two, but Mylin is growing up before your eyes in a new way. Sometimes the most stressful events are the funniest stories in the end. <3