Saturday, July 14, 2012

6 week quick update

Our Sullivan Joel is 6 weeks old today!
He rang in at 11 lbs and 10 oz at his check up on Monday :) a big boy!
We're not surprised - Mylin was in the 90 % for weight through her entire first year

Little man has just started to smirk this week - a half smile :)
He eats every 2 1/2 - 3 hours during the day and 3 - 5 at night
He 'goes to bed' the same time Mylin does each night which gives Joel and I dependable alone time together each evening - such a blessing and necessity!

I'm really enjoying being at home with our 2 sweet babes each day
I have many moments like this:

and this:

There are MANY more where no one is smiling and I do not want to snap a shot to remember them...but those are to be expected as well :)

Just tonight I realized, instead of letting the enemy win over my emotions and becoming angry, resentful, and bitter that I am up at least twice a night and feel tired most days...I'm going to rejoice in our predictable nighttime schedule
I am thankful that I got the kids out 5 mornings this week for long walks on the greenway, talking to Mylin about birds, the river, bullfrogs, and trees
I don't have to keep worrying about how I'm going to survive the day - I want to transform my mind to be still and be in the moment with my sweet babies, enjoying cuddling, reading, nursing, talking, teaching, and training
It's all in my perspective - all about God's lesson of 'dying to self'
Earlier this week I prayed that He would give me opportunities to do this...(why would I ever pray that?!?!)
And I laughed yesterday morning when I was frustrated, remembering I 'asked' for it...I desire to become more like Him - and He is coming through in giving me those opportunities to be obedient to that request :)
(coming soon: a Draper series on Obedience in many facets of our life)

God has also been teaching Joel and I the lesson that these children are not ours - they are His
This is a scary lesson and can fill me with fear...but I know fear is not from our even though I want to control these children...their safety, success, and their lives, that control is only my illusion
I would never want to have to live a day in this family without my husband either...but I know that God is bigger than all these fears and whatever happens in our life, He is not only in control, but it is all happening so He can get the glory
And above all else - that is my heart's desire!

I love every minute with my cherubs and my knight...I hope God grants us many many more minutes together


  1. Wow...your thoughts on dying to self- very convicting, esp. with my attitude toward parenting. If I die to takes the self-pity and frustration down...and amps up the glory to God and making "the most of every opportunity, for the days are evil". I want to make the most of my time with my kiddos...thank you for your post, it's challenged me today :)

  2. Rachel, this is a great reminder! How humbling of a reality that our children are not ours! While we are responsible for them for a very short time, we are not their God! Thank you for the challenge to evaluate my heart, my actions and my attitude.