Monday, June 18, 2012

Our first days at home

This first picture sums it all up.
After 10 days of Mylin being between grandparents, home a little, and with our brother Stephen's family - she was way out of her normal home routine
On my first day alone at home with both kids, I could NOT get her to take a nap (we're talking 2 hours of her screaming and sobbing from her bedroom door...) :(
Finally, we somehow all ended up in our bed and this happened:

I managed to get Mylin, Sully,and Eme to all take a nap at the same time...
It was a mixture of relief and defeat (I don't want her getting used to this privilege of sleeping in our bed!)
Thankfully, by now, her sleep routine and place is back to where it should be!

The last two weeks have been a mixture of holding






And just plain loving on each other!
I am so thankful for my little blessings - and for our ability to stay home and play, sleep (most of the time...), and enjoy each other!


  1. Such sweet pics and memories! Makes me want to run out and get a baby to love on. :)

  2. Love this! And Mylin in her princess castle.....That pic makes me want to squeeze her with loving! What a little ham!

  3. The bed picture and your comment is my favourite, because it's so genuine and though change can be challenging you still can't help, but just love <3