Monday, April 9, 2012


God has laid these themes on my heart (and some of them on Joel's as well) multiple times over the last 3-4 months - I'd love to get your feedback on them!
He has really worked on themes surrounding our marriage, lately
Partly because I spent a lot of time collecting and reflecting on marriage material to speak at our MomLife group on communication - and partly because God is using this time in our life to enhance and strengthen our marriage relationship! (I hope these challenges continue every day, for the rest of our lives!!!! We looooooove being married and learning about ourselves and each other)

- It's mutual - not as anti-feminist and offensive as our culture likes to twist it.  It is something we must constantly refer back to scripture for clearer understanding.  It takes humility - which is so difficult always at times
Guard your heart
- God has taught me that this doesn't mean to build up a protective guard around my heart so no one and nothing can get in...but that I must do all I can to nurture and care for my marriage so my heart is full of God and His that my heart will not turn bitter or hateful towards my husband and my God
- To live in accordance with one another...a reminder of how we are 1 flesh, 1 unit serving together our God.  This word shows up everywhere to us - it is sort of weird and also great that God gives us these sacred echos and confirmation to strive for this discipline with each other!

Burning away the impurities
- Like a crucible (a class we have each been through at church, but also the process...) God may use what seems/feels painful to strip off the junk that covers us in order to get us back to the pure hearts and souls we are made to be in His image.  While it doesn't always feel good, I am thankful for His investment in me and my marriage to make it as radical as He intended!!!

What has God been teaching you over and over and over lately?!


  1. We are also on a journey to discover what Biblical submission looks like. We are astounded at the many ways "traditional" and cultural norms have effected our beliefs, our marriage and daily lives. We are loving the liberation that mutual submission brings. I am constantly amazed at how, as a married women, my attitude towards submission toward Christ is directly influenced by my submission towards Michael. I love that my calling as his wife is a holy calling unlike any other.

    Thanks, Rachel, for the encouragement and vulnerability you offer us!

  2. Lately He's been revealing what insecurity looks like in my life. I may feel jealousy, envy or have a hard time being happy for a loved one and it's based on my insecurity. He's teaching me to be secure in His love and through that I can love others without feeling the need to compare myself and my situation. It's been sooo freeing! I've been able to ask for His grace, forgiveness and help when it surfaces.