Friday, December 9, 2011

My first Ugly Christmas Sweater party

So last night I was a part of my first ugly Christmas sweater party!
My creation was inspired by this commercial which I laugh at every time I see it :)

So even ghough I didn't win first prize (bummer!) I still got a lot of laughs and had SUCH a great night of fellowship with friends from MomLife!!

And yes, I totally found a sweatshirt at Bargain Hut with a cat on it - then safety pinned our random ice skate ornaments to the cat's feet - I know, I know, it is awesome.

And here's someone who can pull off any look in any season - even a straw summer hat in December!


  1. Awesome sweater! Well done!

  2. I have been laughing at this pic for a few minutes. It's so funny! I can only imagine how funny this night must have been to see all of you wearing ridiculous sweaters. Christmas sweaters are so 80s and it makes me think of my elementary school years and all the teachers that wore them all the time. :)