Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a wedding from a dream

God is SO good!
Something about wedding brings that out in my soul, my mind, and my emotions
This statement has never been more true than when we got to join with and watch our friends Mat and Abby exchange vows and join their lives together as one on July 1st.
This exotic romance can alive in a whimsical wedding decorated like a dream!
Abby from Indiana fell in love with 'the one you don't see coming,' (flashback to our wedding toast, Abby!) her Miffy from Gibraltor
The romance began in Vancouver, culminated in Chicago to become one, then ventured to Greece on a honeymoon, and finally reside in London
Wow - out of a movie, right?!

I can hardly do this romance and wedding justice with words...so I'll let you read up about it on Abby's blog yourself, check out her gorgeous pictures on her photographer's blog, and post some of my own pictures from our weekend celebration
Cedric, Abby's nephew, Mat, and Sara, Abby's niece
 Myself, April the MoH, and Bethany, the photographer
 Hannah, Mat's sister, Nick, Mat's brother, Nuala, Nick's fiance, Abby, and Mat

 Michael, Abby's now father-in-law!

 working hard to finish all the decor for the big day!
 final last minute, late night plans!
 the wedding primping! a GORGEOUS bride :)

 the lovebirds had some details to work out, but didn't want to see each other so they communicated through a crack in the door!

 Bluffton friends traveled to celebrate! Jessica, Amy, Abby, Jill, and myself

 could she be happier?!

 her adorable going away outfit!
Thank you Mat and Abby for letting us share in the celebration of your wonderful day!  We love you so much, miss you so much, and can't wait to see you again soon!  May God bless your marriage and new family :)

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