Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little Miss one year old :)

June 25, 2010 - the day that changed our lives forever!
With months of anticipation we arrived at the hospital on June 24th, expecting a quick and fast delivery after my own rapid progression into labor
26 hours later, we were faced with the realization (not so much a choice or decision) that our sweet pumpkin would be born via c-section
With tearful prayers we spent our last few minutes alone together preparing for our child's arrival
Now we were so excited to find out: boy or girl?!?!
We sighed with a deep knowing at the sound 'its a girl!' and couldn't wait to get to know our Mylin Hadassah
Little did we know how life would unfold for us as a new family of three!

Here we are a year later, those 'long' 26 hours a faint memory...and 365(+) days under our belt in parenting
God has blessed us farther than we can comprehend and will ever understand
Thank you so much, Provider, Comforter, Prince of Peace, and Lord of all!

Here's a glimpse at our celebration :)

We had to have pink tonies for our party :) (Joel had his first toenail painting lesson with this very same color almost a year ago!)

 Tutu made by Kari, Mylin's Bushie (Polish for grandma)

 A pumpkin and chocolate muffin with cool whip!

 Our present helpers!

 A beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful girl!

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  1. I love you three so dearly!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to watch as you have grown into a wonderful mother! What a blessing your Little Miss is to our hearts!